Respected, Reputable, and Recognized: Villanova University

When you hear of Villanova University, what do you think of? National rankings, accreditation, profound careers, and successful, hardworking students? Well, you are right on target, and there is so much more that we offer!

Continually Ranking High in National Listings

If you just need one reason to enroll in VU Online is that Villanova University holds much more weight and importance than other colleges and universities. When employers see Villanova University on a resume or transcript, they automatically know that you have received one of the highest-quality educations in the nation. Why else would individuals come from all across the world to participate in our programs? We love to interact and engage with people from all walks of life, and we incorporate this value into our Business Administration curriculum. Being a globally aware citizen is crucial, so along with providing students with insight and knowledge about the business world, we also teach them things that can only be learned through real-world experience.

Employing Expert Professionals Worldwide

When it comes to the faculty and staff at VU Online, we employ only the most prolific and successful experts. Many of our professors have been industry leaders in the Business Administration field, either becoming CEOs of their company, starting their own enterprises, or contributing to worldwide missions and business ventures. They are always ready to lend their insight and direction to aspiring students, and they help to round out the VU curriculum so that you are better prepared for your career in Business. Along with the professors is the staff at the Career Services Center. These professionals are there to guide students into their next steps as a VU graduate. Propelling one’s career is a difficult thing to do, but Villanova University’s Career Center is up to the challenge!

Accredited and Expanding

Finally, many people already know that Villanova University is one of the national and worldwide leaders in higher education. Yet did you know that we are accredited with several professional and academic organizations and associations? We work with business partners and professionals to maintain our prestige and esteemed position at the top tier of the World News & Report rankings. Furthermore, we are constantly seeking to improve our programs which is why we utilize the latest technology to reach more students, far and wide. With our VU Online program, we are not reaching more individuals than ever before. We are so proud to have them on board, and we would love to have you join us, too!