Continuing Education and Overcoming Aging Problems

download (61)Parents who have reared their families and have time on their hands when they leave home should consider the benefits of continuing education. Others who have left school early for one reason or another, such as financial reasons or living too far away from tertiary colleges, may also benefit from taking up a degree. Potential writers and those with opinions to share should have a background to substantiate their stories.

Writing is easy when you have facts at your finger-tips and this can only happen if the knowledge is there. Some gain it independently through books and they gather a huge library around them. In my case it was essential to return to university and climb a mountain that was shown to me in visions because of my background.

It sounds strange as a motivator but with memory of my reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God in my opinion, it was an enormous pressure to tell the world. To do it I needed to stand on firm ground and to know exactly what is what in the real world. Completing the required entrance exam was easy and the course was laid out before me.

Although self-conscious about my age it was soon overcome by those who were older and just as keen as myself to learn. The overall experience was so compelling that now it is something I can recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

With knowledge comes power and now my books and web sites explain what I had hidden from the world. Many are gaining benefits from knowing that their experience with reincarnation and other things are not something to hide away, but to yell out from the roof-tops. Lecturers, students, and friends gather around to listen when the knowledge is there to support one’s opinions.

There is another huge plus. The active brain holds back aging problems and stimulates life to the point of feeling great inside and out.